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Check out our 3D modeling services. We can build objects, avatars or even an entire virtual world for you.
Check out our repair services. we can fix what you need.
Check out our data processing services. PDFs, Crystal Reports, database creation, editing and conversion.
Check out our graphic packages, We can make you banners, GIFs, logos, or 3D graphics.
Check out our software installation services. We can make the installation for your program.
Check out our multimedia services. We can make that Flash, Shockwave or video stream you have been wanting.
Check out our programming services. We can program in C++, Visual Basic, Java, Delphi, HTML and Perl.
Check out the quality of our design portfolio.
Check out our prices.
Check out our web design services starting from $195 USD.
What FRVP can do.

Home // Repair & Maintenance:

FRVP can clean, upgrade, or repair most computerized electrical components; devices such as Computers, Laptops & Digital TVs.

Heat and dust are the #1 enemy of these components and we can prolong the life of your device by a deep Cleaning inside the box.

We can also Upgrade most computers with memory, hard drives, ect..

We repair not only Hardware issues, but also fix Windows and other application installations, driver issues, virus and malware infections, and security issues.

~ We can help. We are local to the Boulder County Colorado area. We don't repair, until you confirm and diagnostic charges are free when you accept our repair. We are negotiable to local pick up and delivery.

Need new components? FRVP can line that up for you too.

Below are our price lists for our various services and packages, take a good look at them because you probably wont see them any where else. And because the world is a big place, FRVP guarantees to beat any genuine quote for a better quality of service that you do find. FRVP is that confident in the pricing policy.

> Labor prices
> Additional service prices

Do our prices exceed your budget?
Contact FRVP.

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