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Check out our 3D modeling services. We can build objects, avatars or even an entire virtual world for you.
Check out our CD production services. we can build the CD-ROM you need.
Check out our data processing services. PDFs, Crystal Reports, database creation, editing and conversion.
Check out our graphic packages, We can make you banners, GIFs, logos, or 3D graphics.
Check out our software installation services. We can make the installation for your program.
Check out our multimedia services. We can make that Flash, Shockwave or video stream you have been wanting.
Check out our programming services. We can program in C++, Visual Basic, Java, Delphi, HTML and Perl.
Check out the quality of our design portfolio.
Check out our prices.
Check out our web design services starting from $195 USD.
What FRVP can do.

// Customer services guarantee

FRVP's Guarantee:
All work conducted by FRVP is designed to the highest quality. Work will be completed within a time scale specified by the client and not after.

All images/logos are optimized for quick loading. All web sites designed by FRVP are designed to work on both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. When FRVP maintains a site it do not cut corners, neither does FRVP do unnecessary maintenance work. All meta tags are optimized for maximum search engine placing, however please note that not all search engines will place your site within their top search rankings.

Price Guarantee:

FRVP guarantees its prices are lower than the competition. If you are quoted a lower price for quality work, FRVP will match that price, plus give you an additional 10% off! If you find a lower price after paying for one of the service's/packages, FRVP will refund you the difference! (up to 30 days after). Contact FRVP for further details.

FRVP's Feedback, Talking to us Guarantee:

When you contact FRVP with any questions, either via e-mail or telephone, FRVP is always there to help, assist and advise. All e-mail's are answered promptly and when contacted by telephone, you will be replied to by a human being not a prerecorded message. Contact FRVP and find out for yourself.

Remember FRVP is never satisfied until you are satisfied!

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